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Man Filmed Trying To Kidnap Girl On Subway Gets Beatdown, Then Claims Innocence

Over the weekend a video uploaded to social media shocked viewers across the internet as they witnessed a full-grown man try to abduct a teenage girl on the subway train in New York City. Sitting across two sleeping passengers on the 6 train in the Bronx, the man identified at Sonny Alloway was filmed staring at the two before suddenly jumping up and carrying the girl out the train before she screamed out and hopped back on the train.

Though police did arrest the would-be kidnapper for his actions, some real heads in New York peeped his disgusting ways and actions and when they recognized him as the offender from that video, he got a proper comeuppance New York style. Filmed already beaten and bruised on the floor, Alloway is seen cowering and rolling around the floor while getting screamed at and kicked by some Bronx avengers.

But even after all that, Halloway maintains his innocence and in a new video claims that the girl in the video wasn’t just a “grown crackhead that was wildin’ out,” but that she supposedly asked him for help as “this dude is holding me hostage.” After explaining his side of the story and that “they took me to the precinct. They cleared my name, and now i’m free. Merry Christmas.”

This is the craziest New York Christmas story in a minute. While it’s hard to believe his side of the story given the video that’s made the rounds on social media, the dude with shorty in the video was in his socks on a train, so there’s that little overlooked detail. Who knows what really happened before the camera phone started rolling but what we do know is that New Yorkers is all about that hood justice.

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