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Man-Child Donald Trump Reacts BIGLY By Signing “Useless” Excutive Order That Targets Social Media

Donald Trump is not here for being fact-checked when he puts out false or misleading information.

Yesterday (May.28), the man-child, Donald Trump, reacted BIGLY to Twitter his fugazi tweets that inaccurately stated “widespread fraud” takes place with mail-in voting. Doing what he does best, he signed an executive order that put tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google as well as the internet law that gives them legal immunity from the content users may share on their platforms.

We also want to point out Trump’s response to Twitter was much faster than his response to battling .

Anyway, at the White House, in the Oval Office where he does nothing, Trump said, “We’re fed up with it,” before he signed the executive order. He also added:

“That’s a big deal. They have a shield. They can do what they want. They’re not going to have that shield.”

After Trump “read” and signed the EO, The White House released the final order on its website. It basically states that it could “pare back platform liability protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.” Under the act, companies are given broad immunity from liability for the content users share on their platforms. The executive order allows the Commerce Department and the Federal Communications Commission to reinterpret the law and gives the Federal Trade Commission the ability to create a tool for users to report bias online.

Twitter, who recently censored but not delete one Trump’s tweets for “glorification of violence,” responded to Trump signing the executive order Thursday night in a tweet.

“This EO is a reactionary and politicized approach to a landmark law. #Section230 protects American innovation and freedom of expression, and it’s underpinned by democratic values. Attempts to unilaterally erode it threaten the future of online speech and Internet freedoms.”

Facebook — who recently came under fire after its CEO and founder, — also issued a statement.

“Facebook is a platform for diverse views. We believe in protecting freedom of expression on our services while protecting our community from harmful content including content designed to stop voters from exercising their right to vote. Those rules apply to everybody. Repealing or limiting section 230 will have the opposite effect. It will restrict more speech online, not less. By exposing companies to potential liability for everything that billions of people around the world say, this would penalize companies that choose to allow controversial speech and encourage platforms to censor anything that might offend anyone.”

Many legal experts believe Trump’s executive order won’t hold up in court, but speaking with Vox, National Review editor Charles C.W. Cooke states this is just Trump basically trying to stick it the libs and his base will eat it up.

“It’s an example of a cultural power that Trump tries to wield. And so he thinks that people will look at him running against Joe Biden and they’ll say, well, I need that guy fight my corner against all of this left-wing cultural power that is unchecked.”

“Whether or not his voters are on those social media platforms, that willingness [to fight] which he will recount these rallies and his emails and press releases and TV appearances, I think appeals to a lot of people.”

Whatever the case it’s clear Donald would rather focus on the fact Twitter is done with his shenanigans than helping the country he is supposed to be in charge of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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