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Madonna & Tokischa Kissed Publicly Again, Snippet of Collab Song Emerges

The queen of pop, aka Madonna, and Tokischa were spotted together once again, and this time, it’s even steamier. The two singers were caught on camera sitting in the front row for Marni’s SS23 Vol. 2 New York Fashion Week event on Sep. 10. During one very intimate moment, the pair turned to face each other, sharing a passionate, open-mouthed kiss. Also over the weekend, a snippet of their collaboration emerged online, fueling expectations for its release. 

It isn’t the first time Madonna and Toki have shared a kiss recently, as the two made headlines while smooching onstage while celebrating New York Pride at Terminal 5 for the World of Women’s NFT event. The kiss recalled the famous 2003 VMAs makeout with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna. 

Of course, the moment has gone viral with fans, and some wonder if this is the beginning of a new inseparable relationship. With fans on Twitter, the room divides into two categories: confused and bewildered, or absolutely loving the affection between the women. 

One Twitter user shares, “I wasn’t ready to see Tokischa and Madonna making out like that. I’m literally younger than their age difference.” With a different point of view, a fan shares, “Wait so are they really dating? Like, Madonna and Tokischa… GIRLFRIENDS? IF THATS THE CASE OH BABY I WON.”

As of now, it’s not clear if it’s the start of a romance or just the dawn of future collaborations, such as a seductive new dembow remix of Madonna’s classic “Hung Up” featuring the Dominican rapper appearing on social media as of late. The TikTok snippet of the song has garnered more than 125,000 videos to date, creating a frenzy for what the rest of the song will sound like. The artists were seen filming the music video in New York last week.  

It’s safe to say, we can’t wait to listen to the full song and check out the music video, which will surely be full of PDA too.