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Mad Skillz drops Uncle Murda diss track "Murda Gram" for stealing his Year End Rap up song style –

Mad Skillz who in the rap culture for the past 15 plus years has been known for dropping his year end freestyle where he airs out all the gossip/stories that happened in Hip Hop. Well for the past few years Mad Skillz has had company in the form Uncle Murda who does his own version the year end rap up.

Uncle Murda recently sent Mad Skillz a DM on Instagram where he sent his version and told Skillz that his was better and that Skillz fell f and got wack. Also Uncle Murda dissed him on his 2017 rap up with the line “Tell Mad Skillz, n***as is through with him.”

On the track, Murda Skillz raps, “But, not for nothing, you was trying to make it better/And trying to reach out and see if we could do it together/I’m like……] n***a you must be faded/Why the f*** would I collab on something I created?”

Check Skillz Uncle Murda diss below and tell us what you think

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