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Luis Miguel Has the Internet Buzzing After New Photo Surfaces Online

A recent photo of Luis Miguel has set social media on fire. After spending a lot of time out of the public eye, a photo posted by an influencer shows a rejuvenated and younger-looking Miguel all smiles at an exclusive Miami restaurant.

There have been a lot of rumors about Miguel returning to music, which have not come to fruition, including speculation about an album with composer Kiko Cibrián, but it appears that he is out there living his best life while looking absolute fire.

Outfitted in a black suit, black button-up, and his signature hairstyle, Miguel smiled as he posed with a group of young women. There have been a lot of rumors circulating via social media about how his appearance has changed considerably since his last public appearance. And this has fueled them even more.

The Sol de México fans of the internet speculated on what happened to give him the refreshed and youthful look. And while surgery is an obvious guess, most people weren’t going that route out of respect for the singer and his private life. Instead, they were playfully lamenting that they’ll never look as good in comparison with memes and tweets saying, “Luis Miguel at 52 looks better than me at 20.” Some even suggested time travel or if he was a Variant ala Loki

We aren’t sure what Luis Miguel, who is notoriously famous for being very quiet about his private life, is up to or how he keeps such a youthful appearance. But he’s living his best life and it absolutely shows. Also, we all still hold out hope that this photo is all part of a publicity stunt to get this beloved legend some attention before he drops new music.