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Luigui Bleand To Perform “Mueve Eso” Live With La Pervers

After the great success of the collaborative single “Mueve Eso,” Dominican-Haitian singer-songwriter and producer, Luigui Bleand, teases that he has a live show coming up with “La Opinión Es Tuya” artist La Perversa. The Dominican dancer and singer recently performed with Rauw Alejandro and released the single “Eta Flaca.”

“I will do a live show this month with La Perversa singing our most recent hit “Mueve eso,” revealed Luigui in a recent interview. The multi-talented musician said this about working with the fast-emerging urban and Dembow artist: “We got together, I showed it to her and she really liked it. Then the chemistry happened and we made that hit.”

“Mueve Eso,” which will be added as a bonus track on Bleand’s upcoming album Pandora, comes with an accompanying video directed by Anyelo Santiago. The clip was filmed in Brazil and the Dominican Republic after Luigui came up with the idea, while visiting the country with his wife. “I had already thought about it a bit and that’s why I went to Brazil, because I wanted to get to know the environment and try to conquer that market,” admits the singer.

In addition to “Mueve Eso,” Luigui Bleand’s anticipated LP will include “Lo’ Prieto,” ft. Musicologo The Libro and a track called “Zumba,” set to be released the coming month. Working closely with Dominican artists Yomel El Meloso and Tivi Gunz, the producer explains: “I understand that it is a mixture of new rhythms, it is something practically different from the Caribbean rhythms that are usually heard in the United States and the Caribbeans.”

Watch the official music video for “Mueve Eso” on YouTube:

Listen to “Mueve Eso” here: