The short heralds the release of 200 pairs of adidas sneakers, hand-sprayed by Smith, in support of his non-profit arts organisation Service The People

Young artists have a notoriously rough ride when it comes to breaking into the industry. From unpaid internships and the exorbitant cost that comes with further education, to the sheer number of people simultaneously trying to make it to the top, the creative landscape is notoriously difficult to navigate. 

Good news, then, that initiatives like Serving The People are springing up to help illuminate the way, and provide much needed support to a new generation of artists emerging onto the scene. Founded by Lucien Smith in early 2020, the non-profit platform is a way for the artist to promote his own works, while simultaneously uplifting those trying to get their start away from the commercial bias of the often archaic art industry.

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Now, as a way of raising funds to benefit his non-profit, Smith got his paints out and sprayed 200 pairs of adidas Forum sneakers using his ‘rain painting’ technique, with the results set to go on sale next week (June 10 to be precise). With no two pairs the same, the unique footwear further blurs the line between fashion and art – and whether the lucky 200 people to get their hands on a pair choose to stick their feet on them or give them pride of place on a shelf remains to be seen. 

In celebration of the Forum’s launch, Smith joined forces with director Rick Rocha to create Fire Finder – a surreal short that sees the artist slip into the role of a fireman and trip his way through a series of scenes depicting dancers, skateboarders, and musicians, with Arsun Sorrenti, Tasmeen Meyer, and Uncut Gems icon Julia Fox all starring. 

Check out the film below and head here on June 10 to grab your Forums.