As part of the brand’s Unlabeled initiative, the offering’s standout Sherpa jacket is up for grabs through an exclusive raffle

“As a kid, I was always sketching things and drawing collections, but I never had any idea of the process that it would entail bringing it to life,” says Louis Pisano, fashion writer, social media aficionado, and now creator for Levi’s.

Pisano was selected by Dazed to design a capsule for the brand’s genderless Unlabeled collection, which aims to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Using unsold stock and bright, hand-drawn paint drips, Pisano has customised a handful of pieces which will ensure your outfit is dripping – quite literally.

As well as adding pink, yellow, and purple drops to Levi’s jeans, Pisano has designed matching denim shirts and jackets, a pastel-dyed boiler suit, bedazzled hoodie, and a t-shirt that reads, ‘Not sorry for drippin’.

Pisano says the theme of ‘drippin’ – a reference to redefining what’s cool – is about “not being ashamed of who you are”, adding that “your drip is what makes you you”.

Speaking in a BTS video showing his design process, Pisano continues: “I like bright, colourful things; I love things that are a little bit rough around the edges; I really like things that sparkle; I like things that when you walk into a room, people break their neck looking back at you.”

Pisano hopes when people wear the collection, they feel “a sense of joy, fun, euphoria”, adding that, ultimately, he wants them to feel good. “It’s not only fun to look at and fun to wear, but you’re also contributing to a really great cause.”

The writer is referencing Levi’s Unlabeled collection, which started life as an internal resource group that hoped to champion LGBTQ+ employees and the wider creative community. As a gender-free initiative, it aims to celebrate individuality and self-expression, and empower its LGBTQ+ wearers and designers.

“Having grown from our employee base at a grassroots level, Unlabeled aims to inspire colleagues and consumers to resist conformity and share their most authentic selves with the world,” a Levi’s spokesperson says. “Louis Pisano is the ideal embodiment of these objectives, being unafraid to speak his mind, and being a vocal champion of diversity within the fashion and creative industries.”

Pisano adds: “I‘ve never been afraid of being different. Being different is a way to open people’s eyes, sometimes to not only challenge yourself but challenge others, and to challenge the status quo. Levi’s has always been on the progressive side of history, and I’m proud to be working with them on this Unlabeled collection.”

In honour of the collaboration, Dazed will be auctioning Pisano’s star piece from the capsule – a hand-painted Levi’s Sherpa jacket. The raffle will raise funds for Transgender Europe (TGEU), an LGBTQ+ charity selected by Pisano which fights for trans equality in Europe and Central Asia.

Head here to enter the raffle – it will run from 12PM tomorrow (February 12) until 12PM on February 19. Louis Pisano’s Unlabeled capsule collection for Levi’s will be available from February 14 here.