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Los Tigres Del Norte Learn of Their Mother’s Passing During a Concert

The member of Los Tigres Del Norte received some heartbreaking news during a concert in Querétaro on Saturday night (Oct. 22). While the Mexican band was performing a show, singer Jorge Hernández revealed their mother had died.

Over the weekend, Consuelo Angulo de Hernández, the mother of band members Jorge, Hernán, Eduardo, and Luis, passed away. She was known as the “Jefa de Jefas.” Her playful title among Los Tigres Del Norte was inspired by the band’s 1997 anthem, “Jefe de Jefes.” 

During their concert at Estadio Olímpico de Querétaro, Los Tigres Del Norte paused to announce their mother’s passing. It was a very emotional moment as Jorge delivered the news to the crowd. “We have a lump in our throat and in our heart,” he said in Spanish. “They have just informed us that our mother has passed away.” 

With how heavy the news must’ve been for the Los Tigres Del Norte members to find out, the band insisted that they would carry on with the concert in their mom’s honor. The crowd applauded the guys for their strength at that moment. “We’re going to keep singing our songs,” Jorge said. “If you hear tears falling, please forgive us. We’re going to keep going because she told us: ‘Your audience comes first.’ She is proud of us.”

However, moments later, Los Tigres Del Norte found out their mother was actually alive though in delicate health. “Thank you Querétaro for your applause,” Jorge said. “At least we have the hope that our mom is breathing. We pray!”

In an Instagram post yesterday, the members of Suenatron revealed that Consuelo Angulo de Hernández had died. Suenatron includes the sons of Hernán Hernández, so they lost their grandmother. 

“Today we share with you this sad news,” Suenatron wrote. “In memory of our dear grandmother, ‘La Jefa de Jefas, who passed through our lives and left light. She will shine in our soul forever and she’s with us in our hearts.”