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Lola Índigo is Named Vevo LIFT’s First Artist of 2022

Lola Índigo, Spanish sensation, is feeding us CONTENT. After being named Vevo LIFT’s newest artist, the live performance for her pop hit “Tamagotchi” was released on Jan. 18 — the first in a series. Set in the bubblegum pink wonderland of a laundromat, Índigo’s performance is a trailblazing moment. It not only marks the first time a Vevo LIFT video has ever been shot in Spain, but it’s also her first-ever live content.

Índigo was born in Madrid but grew up in Granada singing and dancing. She gained national acclaim after competing on the talent show ​​Operación Triunfo, where she came in 16th place and later signed to Universal Music Group. “Tamagotchi” is a track off of her latest studio album, La Niña

Vevo’s LIFT program “connects today’s up-and-coming and most relevant artists to audiences around the world through music video content.” Past participants include now-household names like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja Cat. Through a statement, Claudia de Wolff, Vice President, C&P, EU, said: “Lola is a high-energy, creative powerhouse, already well established in Spain – we are excited to introduce her to our global audience. We’re so proud of how these videos turned out!” 

The singer shared the countdown, performance, and a few fan reactions, and after the release of the music video, tweeting: “AAAA! Thank you to everyone. I want you to know how difficult it is to make this happen in sequence and the amazing work of @VEVO_ESP @_JMontero and the girls to make it possible, this has only just begun hehehe.” 

Índigo’s tight-knit fanbase, most of whom have championed the star since her Operación Triunfo days, were ecstatic about the release of the song, taking to social media to share their thoughts. 

In a hilarious play on Tamagotchi’s lyrics, one fan responded to Indigo’s release announcement with “Mimi I want to be your Tamagachi so you’ll take care of me.” 

Another fan tweeted out the link to the Youtube video with the caption: “I’ve already said many times that I want to see her on Eurovision, but it doesn’t hurt to say it one more time.”

Whether she achieves a 2022 Eurovision slate or not, with her recent stream of bubblegum pop hits, we are sure that Índigo’s career will continue to rise to the top. 

Watch the live performance of “Tamagotchi” below.