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LISTEN: Yahritza y Su Esencia Gets Romantic in New EP ‘Obsessed Pt. 2’

Yahritza y Su Esencia are finally back with new solo music. On Sep. 8, the Mexican-American family trio released their newest eight-track EP, Obsessed Pt. 2, featuring three fresh tracks along with their previously unveiled jams.

The new tracks, in collaboration with Edgar Barrera, highlight romantic themes such as unrequited love, being infatuated, and overall, being happily in love. In “Dos Extraños,” Yahritza passionately croons about missing her tasting the lips of her ex-partner while the background echoes traditional música mexicana elements such as acoustic guitars and brass instruments. Meanwhile, “Dubai” features an upbeat melody with cheerful trumpet sounds as Yahritza swoons over a woman who only thinks of her as a player. Lastly, the third new track, “Rositas,” slows the vibe down, describing being completely head-over-the-heels over a person — and being okay with acting cheesy while at it.

The rest of the tracks have been released over the last months. It includes  “No Se Puede Decir Adiós,” “Nuestra Canción,” and “Cambiaste.” It also includes their popular collaborations, such as “Frágil” with Grupo Frontera and “Inseparables” with Ivan Cornejo. Most of the tracks were produced by Barrera, save from “Inseparables” and “Nuestra Canción,” which are credited to the siblings. “Cambiaste” was produced by the trio and Ramon Ruiz.

Obsessed Pt. 2 follows their highly-praised debut EP Obsessed. The EP’s focus single, “Soy El Único,” broke records by making the trio’s vocalist Yahritza the youngest Latine artist to land on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when the song debuted at No. 20.

Recently, the Martinez siblings performed their hits at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. The concert featured live editions of “Soy El Único,” “Déjalo Ir,” “Inseparables,” “No Se Puede Decir Adiós,” and “Frágil.” Moreover, the trio is also currently on their Obsessed Tour with upcoming tour dates in Mexico: Guadalajara, Mexico (Sep. 8), and at the Festival Arre in Mexico City, Mexico (Sep. 10). They will then continue in the U.S. during the fall season.

Listen to the new EP below.