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LISTEN: The Latest Latine x K-Pop Collab Is Here & It’s a Banger

South Korean singer BIBI just dropped a remix of her single “BIBI Vengence” featuring Chilean pop darling Princesa Alba and rapper Baby Tate (Mar. 3). Combining Korean, Spanish, and English over a floor-stomping collab, these women show that being a femme fatale is a universal quality, no matter the language.

The hypnotizing reggaeton-laced track was first released last fall as the lead single for BIBI’s Lowlife Princess: Noir album. From there, the song quickly became a viral sensation on TikTok. Princesa Alba was one of many who jumped in on the challenge and eventually inspired the remix to come to fruition. 

It’s a full circle moment for Princesa Alba, who’s a K-pop fan herself. Completing the posse is Atlanta rapper Baby Tate who’s recently made waves for her viral hit “Hey, Mickey,” which interpolates the infamous 1981 hit by Toni Basil.

“The remix of ‘Bibi Vengence’ with Baby Tate and Princesa Alba should be considered a cultural reset,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“For my birthday, instead of ‘Happy Birthday’ I want people to sing BIBI Vengeance (feat. Baby Tate & with Princesa Alba) – Remix,” wrote another Twitter user.

The newly released remix of “BIBI Vengence” adds to the ever-growing list of collaborations between K-pop and Latine artists. As this trend continues gaining momentum, we’re seeing an increasing number of Latine producers and songwriters entering this space and bridging the gap between two different cultures.

Listen to the “BIBI Vengence (Remix)” collab below featuring Princesa Alba & Baby Tate.