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LISTEN: Natanael Cano Gets More Personal in New LP ‘Nata Montana’

Natanael Cano is back! Following his last album release NataKong in 2022, the Mexican singer-songwriter released his newest album Nata Montana today (June 30). The new album features fresh collaborations with Peso Pluma, Junior H, Luis R Conriquez, Chino Pacas, and more.

The 15-track album starts with the norteño-driven duet “Diran De Mi,” featuring Tito Torbellio Jr. It continues with the album’s first solo track, “Mas Altas Que Bajadas,” about working hard for his now luxurious lifestyle. It’s followed by “La Lokerona” with Hernan Trejo. “Un Convoy” comes next with Amilkar, trailed by the highly-anticipated new collaboration “Pancake” with Peso Pluma. We then hear the narcocorrido “Viejo Lobo” with Luis R Conriquez and a second solo track called “AFS.”

The second half of the LP starts on a romantic note with “Eres,” a love song featuring Junior H. It continues with “Mi Bello Angel,” a tender song that shows Cano’s sensitive side. The LP also features “En Corto” with the emerging artist Chino Pacas. Nata Montana continues with the already popular “AMG” collaboration with Peso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros, and “Como Es Arriba Es Abajo” with Dan Sanchez. The album ends with “Pacas De Billetes,” which talks about him working hard for his lifestyle, the hypnotizing track “Dando y Dando,” and final track “Ghini.”

2023 is already a huge year for the young Mexican singer-songwriter. Nata Montana’s previously released singles put the corridos tumbados leader back on the charts. His hit “AMG” reached No. 1 on Spotify Mexico’s Top Songs chart and, for the first time ever, earned him his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Not only that, but he recently became the first corridos tumbados artist to headline the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City on May 30. Moreover, Cano recently made his acting debut in the Max series “VLGY.” 

Listen to Nata Montana below.