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LISTEN: Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Fuerza Regida & Edén Muñoz Team Up for ‘La Tierra del Corrido’

Corridos are undoubtedly having a moment. On Aug. 22, Spotify brought together Edén Muñoz, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and Fuerza Regida for the new Spotify single, “La Tierra del Corrido,” a collaboration celebrating the genre’s current popularity.

“El corrido is evolving a lot; it is growing a lot,” Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s Mario Quintero said about the song’s genre. “And el corrido is definitely going to be — if not already being — sung in many languages.” He also mentions that music is to enjoy together, not to compete with, and that creating together is beneficial for culture, history, and the genre itself.

“This song is very important to me because I am singing alongside legends like Los Tucanes and Edén Muñoz,” Fuerza Regida’s JOP, or Jesús Ortiz Paz, said about the new joint track in a press statement. “Playing a very different role, something very important and very cool.”

The new track features a fast-paced corrido complemented by the three vocalists that, in some way or another, have cemented their artistry in música mexicana. The accordion-driven song starts with Quintero’s signature vocals that have helped categorize Los Tucanes de Tijuana as a Latine staple since the late 1980s. Lyrically, the song’s about continuing the corrido lifestyle that was shown to them by past generations. The vocalists sing about partying with the banda, drinking together, and overall parrandas with good people. They also talk about wanting a month-long party rather than a funeral to celebrate their lives after they die.

Besides the new track, Los Tucanes de Tijuana recently played the Miche Fest in Fresno, CA. As for Fuerza Regida, they are currently on their Otra Peda Tour. The band will be playing in Houston, TX, on Aug. 26. Muñoz will embark on his Consejos Gratis Tour starting in New York, NY, on Aug. 25.

Listen to the official audio of “La Tierra del Corrido” below.