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LISTEN: Fuerza Regida, Peso Pluma & More Feature on Luis R Conriquez’s ‘Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV’ Album

Corridos bélicos pioneer Luis R Conriquez has assembled an all-star team for his new album. The Mexican singer joins forces with Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, Junior H, Fuerza Regida, and more on Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV, released today (Jan. 4).

Conriquez was the first artist to coin the term “corrido bélico,” and was one of Peso Pluma’s first supporters. They teamed up for the song “Siempre Pendientes” in August of 2022. Peso Pluma has since made the term “bélico” go global with his success. Conriquez regrouped with Peso Pluma and many other música mexicana stars for Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV.

On the new album, Conriquez and Peso reunite on “Pixelados.” In the fiery corrido, they’re ready to go to war once again as they sing about protecting themselves with grenade launchers and M4 rifles. As Conriquez and Peso Pluma patrol the streets, they’re wearing diamonds, gold, and Rolexes. “Pixelados” was originally released by Peso Pluma on his 2020 album Ah y Que?

Cano re-recorded his love song “Mi Bello Ángel” from his Nata Montana album as a duet with Conriquez. Junior H joins Conriquez for the brassy song “Aquellos Botones.” Junior H’s soulful sad boy sound meets Conriquez’s blistering brand of bélico. Fuerza Regida sounds at home on “Fresas Con Crema” as they sing with Conriquez about enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV includes a whopping 23 songs in total. Other música mexicana who feature on the album are Gabito Ballesteros, El Fantasma, Gerardo Ortiz, Edén Muñoz, and Lenin Ramírez. Peso Pluma’s cousin and co-writer Tito Double P joins Conriquez on two songs. The most interesting collaboration is “Póngase Bien” with Colombian reggaetonero Ryan Castro. Castro sings about being a “parcero” with Conriquez as he gets into the bélico spirit. 

Listen to “Pixelados” below.