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LISTEN: ‘Dembow Bélico’ Is a Thing Now, By Way of Peso Pluma’s Label

Peso Pluma is continuing to push corridos to new places. On Saturday (June 3), the Mexican singer’s record label released the dembow-infused song, “Dembow Bélico.”

In April, Peso Pluma revealed that he launched his own record label, Doble P Records. His first signees included Jasiel Nuñez, Tito Laija, and Raul Vega. According to Infobae and Milenio, Laija is Peso Pluma’s cousin. He has co-written Peso Pluma’s hits like “El Bélicon,” “Chanel” with Becky G, and “AMG” with Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros. 

Under the name Tito Doble P, Laija dropped his first single, “Dembow Bélico,” via Peso Pluma’s Doble P Records. Lajia teamed up with Joel De La P and regional Mexican music singer Luis R. Conriquez. Conriquez has previously collaborated with Peso Pluma, La Adictiva, and Oscar Maydon. Now he is working with Peso Pluma’s cousin. Laija blends dembow, a genre from the Dominican Republic, with the Mexican bélico flow that Peso Pluma has become famous for. It’s certainly a new way to experience corridos. 

Since the track’s release, people have sounded off online about Laija’s unique fusion of genres. “that dembow belico song is kind of a hit tho,” wrote one person on Twitter with a GIF of Jay-Z bopping along. “why that dembow belico go hard,” wrote another person with crying emojis. People appear to be coming around to the new concept of dembow corridos. “I was dogging on the Dembow Belico but it low key slaps,” wrote another listener. 

This song is a precursor of Peso Pluma’s upcoming collaboration with Dominican artist El Alfa, which he confirmed at Sueños Music Festival and comes out June 8. While he was in the Dominican Republic last month, Peso Pluma reportedly recorded a song and filmed a music video with the dembow superstar. Peso Pluma’s recent single “Bye” was also released under his imprint Doble P Records. 

Listen to “Dembow Bélico” below.