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Lila Moss’s Rimowa x Chaos Luggage Is as Chic as It Gets

Our suitcases have remained disappointingly empty for more than a year. But with summer on the horizon, hopefully that means our luggage will finally get the attention it deserves. Chaos founders Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall have preempted the mass exodus from the U.K. with a release of buzzy travel goods made in collaboration with suitcase specialist Rimowa. The latter’s classic ridged aluminum cases have been sturdy companions for a number of A-list celebrities—and now they’ve been given a splashy 2021 reboot. 

“At Chaos we like a little gentle irony, matching a sense of fun with the pleasure of beautifully crafted products,” say the founders. “We wanted to play with the signature lines of the Rimowa suitcase, to make something fluid with something straight and rigid. We liked the idea of hinting at a texture on the smooth, clean surface of the cases, and to bring a fun and positive vibe to the accessories.”

Yvan Fabing

Who better to front the campaign than Lila Moss, the daughter of seasoned traveler and supermodel Kate Moss. Following her very first British Vogue editorial in the June 2021 issue, the young model lent her youthful charm to the Rimowa x Chaos launch. “We love her fresh beauty and innate sense of style and—just as important—she is really fun to be around,” say Stockdale and Lyall. She is photographed alongside the Chaos reworks of Rimowa’s signature cabin cases, set against an industrial backdrop mirroring the luggage facilities of an airport terminal.

There’s no doubt that Lila approves of the range’s Gen-Z-friendly designs. Stockdale and Lyall were fascinated by the “immensely satisfying” texture of dripping paint, inspiring them to lacquer swirling painterly patterns across the luggage—a contrast to Rimowa’s trademark classic designs.

Yvan Fabing

The Chaos touch isn’t complete without a sprinkling of customization: It’s at the heart of the brand’s DNA. (The pair says they are “graphic addicts.”) This spirit is reflected with bright stickers and leather luggage tags adorned with vibrant alien, egg, and apple motifs. 

Meanwhile, the practical suitcase harness—designed to strap onto the body of a bag—is a pragmatist’s dream. “It’s our answer to the many challenges of traveling,” they remark. “It’s a back-, time-, and lifesaver!”