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#LHHNY: Cyn Is Not Feeling Joe & Tahiry’s Friendship, Yandy Says She Is Done With Kimbella

Last week on Love & Hip Hop: New York  reached its boiling point, and that’s where this week’s episode picks right up.

Last Monday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with Yandy trying to put hands on Kimbella after she threw a drink at her during Jonathan’s slumber party. Luckily for Kimbella, security was there to keep her from getting mollywhopped again, with Yandy being taken into another room. During her confessional, Yandy reveals that Kimbella has pushed her to the breaking point and that Juelz’s wife has gone too far this time.

With Yandy gone, Kimbella claims it was her former friend’s comment saying that she deserved to get beat up Chrissy that made her react in such a manner. Kimbella reveals that she feels that her Yandy can never be friends again.

While Yandy and Kimbella’s hate for each other has been taken to another level, Joe and Cyn’s co-parenting situation is looking much better, and there is a possibility of reconciliation. Cyn reveals to Jonathan that she and Joe have been seeing a counselor, and since then, they have been getting along very well and are trying to rebuild their friendship.

We check in on the newlyweds, Erica and Safaree Samuels, as they are getting an ultrasound to check on their daughter. It’s almost time for her arrival, and the couple is preparing for their big baby shower. When the topic of Tahiry is brought up, Safaree immediately says he does not want her there following her big blowup at his wife’s birthday party. Erica explains to Safaree that Tahiry snapping on people was a result of her . Safaree understands and changes his decision and says Tahiry can come to the baby shower.

Cyn, Kimbella, Somaya, and Chrissy meet up for a day of relaxation and to talk sh*t about Yandy, of course. Before they get to that subject, they address the elephant in the room, the tension between Somaya and Chrissy. It’s no secret they couldn’t stand each other in the past, but now they are cordial with each other for now. They shift their attention back to Yandy and Kimbella fills Chrissy in about the drama that went down at Jonathan’s slumber party.

Surprisingly, Chrissy didn’t take the opportunity to diss Yandy and actually suggested Kimbella might have something to do with the reaction she got from Yandy. Anyway, Somaya, who has come back to the show on some I’m all about peace tip, proposed the idea that they should all attend a healthy healing class so everyone can get on some peace sh*t. We all know that ain’t happening, and Kimbella made it quite clear that she and Yandy will never see eye-to-eye again.

Moving along, Cyn stops by Joe’s crib to have a conversation about…Tahiry. Yes, she went all the way to her single baby daddy’s house to complain about his friendship with his ex-girlfriend. Cyn believes that Tahiry is trying to make it seem like she and Joe have something going on, which is a surprise to him. After wasting a few minutes about Tahiry, Cyn reveals that she has been invited to Safaree and Erica’s baby shower, and Joe agrees to accompany her.

We check in with Yandy, and she is meeting up with Rich and Somaya. Rich touches on his for a bit before Somaya finally arrives. Somaya invites both Rich and Yandy to her healing and tea party and reveals she wants to help facilitate a truce between the Kimbella and Yandy. As expected, Yandy isn’t so sure she wants that and doesn’t confirm whether or not she is coming.

It’s finally time for Safaree and Erica’s Met Gala themed baby shower. We’re just gonna ignore Safaree’s pink hair and get to the mess. Joe and Cyn show up holding hands, which catches everyone by surprise, hinting that the couple is working on their issues.

The mood quickly changes when Tahiry arrives. While Cyn is side-eyeing, Joe and Tahiry embrace like the good friends they are. Having seen enough, Cyn storms out, Erica notices and follows behind her former ex-lover.

After the baby shower, Erica and Cyn link up for a conversation. Erica wants to know if Cyn and Joe are really working on getting back together, Cyn basically responds by telling everyone to mind their business.

Things get interesting when Tahiry rolls up to the meeting. Erica hopes by talking to each other, the two women can work something out, but that won’t be the case. Cyn accuses Tahiry of acting “spicy” at Erica’s birthday party, and Tahiry just says that’s how she is period.

Tahiry also puts her on notice that she will always be “THE EX” when it comes to Joe telling Cyn to get over it. Before the scene ends, she basically warns Cyn that maybe Joe isn’t as honest with her as she thinks he is.

We finally get to Kimbella’s spiritual healing tea party. Of course, Kimbella shows “overdressed” looking absolutely ridiculous and tries to leave, but Chrissy stops her.

Things get incredibly awkward when Yandy and Jonathan walk in the building. Somaya kicks things off with sage to clear the bad vibes in the air and having them say positive affirmations. Yandy is over it and tells Somaya she can’t deal, and honestly, she is trying her best not to fight Somaya, so she decides to leave.

Somaya comes back out minus Yandy, and Jonathan is going at it with Kimbella. He believes Kimbella should have never thrown a drink at Yandy in the first place. Kimbella claims she would have done much more given the opportunity. Jonathan is done going back and forth with Kimbella and also decides to leave with Yandy but points out that he has no hard feelings towards both Chrissy and Kimbella.

The episode closes with Remy and Papoose on their way to the courthouse. They are both nervous that Remy could end up back in jail. Remy hopes there won’t be a trial because she can’t fathom being away from her baby. Papoose does his best to reassure his wife that things will work out for the better this time around as they walk into the building to learn Remy’s fate.

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