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#LHHATL: Sierra Looking At A Jail Bid, Kendra Wants Joc To Get A Vasectomy & More

We left the cold streets of and are back in the ATL, its time for a new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and the first episode didn’t disappoint.

The episode opens up at Stevie J and Mimi’s daughter, Eva’s 10th birthday party. Everyone seems to be happy and in a good space in their lives, especially Stevie. The “good guy” is getting along with Joseline and has , Bonnie Bella, and is even cordial with Mimi again. Mimi believes it has a lot to do with his .

Joc and his fiancée Kendra show up, and they are still going strong as well. Kirk, Rasheeda, and Carter are also in the building to celebrate the occasion. Rasheeda is happy to see Stevie and Mimi both co-parenting and asks Mimi how is her relationship with Joseline. She reveals that Stevie gave Joseline her number, and the once bitter enemies are now getting along with each other and exchanging texts.

Rasheeda then chops it up with Kendra and asks her if she caught baby fever being among all the kids at the party, and Kendra shuts that down immediately. Regardless, Rasheeda believes that Kendra is a good woman for Joc and invites them to her and Kirk’s 20th-anniversary party.

We head over to Scrappy and Bambi’s house, and their young son, Breland, is now 18 months. They get a visit from Momma Dee, and she is not in good shape. Due to her drinking problem, she developed a kidney stone that ruptured her bladder resulting in her having to three surgeries to correct the issue. Momma Dee has a fourth surgery coming up, and she wants Scrappy and Bambi to be there.

While talking about her current health situation, Momma Dere breaks down in tears. Scrappy tells his mom that she needs to put down the bottle because she could lose her life.

We catch up with Sierra, and she is also going through a serious legal situation that could land her behind bars for 12-months. Allegedly Sierra got into a fight with Shooter’s baby momma while she was pregnant, so if she is found guilty, Sierra is looking at some serious jail time.

Sierra takes her two kids to the bowling alley where Shooter is celebrating his late son, Rod Jr.’s, birthday. While the kids are away, Sierra and Shooter have a conversation. She asks him to come to court and testify on her behalf to help clear her name, and Shooter was like… NAH. His excuse was that he doesn’t want to step foot in a courtroom again. He also brings up the fact that Sierra wasn’t there for him while he was in court for his son’s trial.

Sierra tries to clear her mind by going on an ice skating double date with her boo, BK, Scrappy, and Bambi. Of course, not much skating goes on. While the men step away, Bambi and Sierra talk about the situation and Sierra starts crying at the mere thought of possibly going to jail, Bambi does her best to console her.

We link up with Joc and Kendra, and they are currently dog shopping. The conversation quickly goes left when she suggests Joc should get a vasectomy. Of course, Joc doesn’t want to do that, and he also feels his future wife has changed since he asked for her hand in marriage.

Even though he objected, somehow, Kendra got Joc in the doctor’s office to talk about the procedure. Joc is still not sure he wants to go through with it and finally decides not to do it. Kendra tells Joc he is selfish; he retorts by suggesting that she should get her tubes tied. That leads to an argument between the couple.

Finally, its time for Kirk and Rasheeda’s 20th-anniversary party. Can we add how annoying these two are but more blessings to them. Sierra has a conversation with Karlie and asks her to come to court and speak on her behalf because she was at the funeral and saw the whole incident and can vouch for her. Karlie agrees, but during her confessional points out that Sierra wasn’t there for her when she needed her.

Well, anyway, an event that was meant to celebrate Kirk and Rasheeda goes completely left when Alexis Sky (why is she still on these shows?) and Akbar V show up… uninvited. Apparently, Alexis and Karlie Redd’s husband, Arkansas Mo (these names are trash) used to date.

Alexis spots Karlie and things get heated immediately, and security quickly steps in to separate the two women. So it was just drink throwing and body parts flailing in the air before Alexis was removed from the venue.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Karlie in a funeral home standing in front of a casket. We have no idea who’s in it, but someone has died, and all the girls are showing up to meet Karlie. We guess we have to wait till next week to find out who passed away.

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