Whether you’re hitting the club, navigating a gallery or chasing your dog in the park, here’s how to style the always-ready combination

Sometimes, when you pick up the Bluetooth-paired phone at an afters, it’s tempting to try to guess the passcode. There can’t be that many, right? Well, maths fans know that this is simply not the case; six digits can literally have a million combinations, so you’re better off flashing Face ID in their face, putting on the new Burial track, and sinking into the sofa.

Anyway, there is a point here: with a few pairs of jeans and a handful of tops, dozens of different possibilities await you. Why? Almost any combo of the two – with the right accessories and shoes – can work, meaning that you’re able to mix-and-match items within a durable, sustainable wardrobe and avoid constantly repeating looks without buying more.

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It’s why Levi’s is making Jeans and a Nice Top the focus of its AW22 campaign, fronted by Bridgerton diamond Charithra Chandran. Speaking about the campaign, she told Dazed: “You’re ready for anything and dressed for everything in Jeans and a Nice Top, and I suppose there’s a confidence that comes with that.” Handy for hand-luggage-only trips and a lifesaver when you feel like you haven’t got a stitch to wear, jeans and a nice top go together like Negroni and prossecco. 

Now, Dazed Studio has produced a new shoot for Levi’s showcasing the combination’s versatility. Inspired by the magical naiveté of childrens’ flipbooks, it sees stylist Sally Bottomley create six combinations which can then be remixed every-which-way, splicing together jeans and tops to make them twice as nice.

To find out why it works and hear how to choose the best combinations, Dazed asked Bottomley to talk us through the shoot’s looks. Skim through the gallery above to get your Jeans and a Nice Top flipbook fix and check Bottomley’s comments on the Levi’s approach. 

How do you use Jeans and a Nice Top in your styling repertoire? Why is it a combo that punches above its weight?

Sally Bottomley: For most people Jeans and a Nice Top is accessible, it has almost become a mantra before a night out. In my work, it’s a great starting point that can be built upon; you can create so many different moods and styles from Jeans and a Nice Top – dress up, or dress down. It features a lot in my work (and personal life). If you could be a fly on the wall listening to me and my friends getting ready for a night out, you may think the number of times we mention Jeans and a Nice Top is excessive!

Are there any big misses when it comes to matching up Jeans and a Nice Top? Is it possible to get it wrong? 

Sally Bottomley: There isn’t really a way to go wrong when pairing Jeans and a Nice top, that’s what makes it so brilliant. Whether you’re into keeping things classic or pushing the boundaries, you can create the most fun looks; for me, there are no rules. Often, my favourite outfits are when you think something shouldn’t go together.

Why has Levi’s got it covered on both counts? 

Sally Bottomley: Levi’s jeans are iconic, they fit so well, so they make the perfect starting point from which to build a look. The versatility of their jeans means they can work for any occasion; you can be confident that any outfit you build around a pair of Levi’s will make you feel fantastic. Additionally, you can always find a great top with Levi’s, whether it’s a classic white shirt or something more playful, they’ve got you covered.

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