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Lauren London Shuts Down Diddy Dating Rumors, Says “Stop F*ckin Playing With Me”

The tragic loss of remains one of the more shocking instances to occur within the Hip-Hop community in years, and his partner is holding strong as she’s able. Rumors of London dating Diddy began to surface after the mogul posted a photo featuring the pair but she quickly shut down the chatter said her devotion remains to Neighborhood Nip.

Diddy shared a photo of himself and London at the recent Roc Nation brunch event ahead of the Grammy Awards, a typically star-studded affair that featured a who’s who list of celebrities. Diddy shared the photo to his Instagram page that observers ran far and away with assuming that they were on their way to becoming an item. The noise apparently made it to London’s ears and she made it clear where her heart is.

“Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!” read the caption London wrote of a photo featuring Hussle. She shared the same photo to her Instagram story feed as well. She followed up with another post that featured the words, “Stop f*ckin playing with me and my name. Now let me get back to healing.

The Instagram post’s caption read, “I’m all love and peace but never forget….I’m a woman in grief and I don’t play about Nip, my family, my character and code. Bout to drink a green juice to start the day though.”

Diddy took down the photo which he dubbed part of a “Lost Files” collection of photos but later reposting it, making certain to designate that London was like a sister to him.

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Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!

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