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Latina Radio DJ Killed at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration

What started as a day of celebration ended in tragedy on Wednesday (February 14) when one person was killed and more than 20 were injured during a mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade outside Union Square. Three people have been detained in the shooting.

According to the Kansas City Star, the woman who was killed was identified as Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two and a disc jockey for a local Tejano radio station. Reports indicate that Lopez-Galvan died at a hospital after being shot in her abdomen.

“She was the most wonderful, beautiful person,” Lisa Lopez, a friend of Lopez-Galvan who worked with her at KKFI 90.1 FM, told the Star. “She was a local DJ. She did everybody’s weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life.”

Lopez-Galvan’s bio on the KKFI website shows she was a co-host for a radio program called Taste of Tejano, featuring the “best Tejano music north of Texas.” It also says she worked as a DJ for more than 15 years. “She has plenty of music knowledge,” the bio reads. “Lisa is also bilingual in Spanish and DJs for bilingual crowds, which helps her be versatile in the music front.”

In a statement, KKFI said, “This senseless act has taken a beautiful person from her family and this KC Community.”

Kelly Dougherty, another co-worker of Lopez-Galvan added: “She is a person who added a voice that is oftentimes missed. We can speak as much as we can, but words don’t do this justice, don’t do her justice.”