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Latina Artist Collaborates with Starbucks for Heritage Month Cups

Ahead of Our Heritage Month, Starbucks has tapped Cuban/Salvadoran artist and illustrator, Manuela Guillén, to design the latest collection of Starbucks drinkware. The collection includes three tumblers and a mug that features a variety of colorful shapes, designs, and bilingual text. 

“When you think about Latin America – we’re a very diverse group. People may ski in the south or live near the beach in the Caribbean. I am hoping it’s a beautiful little collection where people can see themselves,” says Guillén in the Starbucks announcement of the new collection.   

The collection includes a white tumbler with a self-portrait of the artist, and a variety of neon colored fauna and flora in the pool of her black hair; a blue, 24-ounce cup with “Buenas Vibras” text adorned by sparkles, plants, and organic shapes; a 24-ounce cold cup with a figure reaching towards the sun, with ‘Hola’ text alongside the left arm, and ‘hi’ text along the right arm; and a matte black mug featuring a myriad of plant and animal motifs with the inside of the mug lined with ‘Manuela Guillén + Starbucks’ near the rim. 

“I have so much love for the Hispanic-Latine community. I wanted these designs to feel very vibrant, very colorful, just a big celebration.” says Guillén in a video she posted on TikTok.

Guillén grew up in Florida and was inspired by the natural landscapes and organic shapes that surrounded her. Through her art, Guillén has been able to tell her parent’s immigration journey from Cuba and El Salvador and bring communities together through art. She has previously worked on the Project WE initiative for Old Navy back in 2021.

The Manuela Guillén + Starbucks collection is now available for purchase at participating U.S. Starbucks stores.