The Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator was caught plugging his ears in the front row as models strutted down the catwalk

All the stars were at New York Fashion Week over the weekend: Kylie Jenner, Lorde, Gigi Hadid, and, of course, Larry David, who was having the time of his life. The Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator was filmed plugging his ears and resting his head in his hands as models strutted down the catwalk in front of him.

A video shared by The Cut writer Emilia Petrarca shows David sitting in the front row at LA-based brand STAUD’s presentation, looking less than impressed at the show unfolding in front of him. “Larry David should come to Fashion Week more often,” Petrarca wrote, “I think he’d really enjoy it.”

The clip is shot from the side, but in the first few seconds, it looks like David might be talking on the phone – hence why he’s plugged his other ear – though my theory is, as of yet, unconfirmed. Either way, he looks pretty, pretty, pretty bored.

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As if lifted straight from an episode of Curb, the footage arrived at the same time as David was captured plugging his ears at the US Open. To be fair, he is 74 years old and mass events are loud!

This weekend’s antics aren’t the first time David has shown his uninterest in public events. Last month, David was uninvited from Barack Obama’s 60th birthday after the former president had to scale back the guest list due to rising COVID cases. Speaking to The New York Times, David revealed that he was “so relieved” to be disinvited.

After getting a call from Obama’s assistant, David presumed he was going to be asked to perform at the event, which sent him into a panic. “I was pretty glum when I finally called back his assistant,” he told NYT. “When he told me I was eighty-sixed from the party, I was so relieved, I screamed, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ He must have thought I was insane. Then I hung up the phone, poured myself a drink, and finished my crossword puzzle.”

Watch the footage of David having fun in public below.