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Lady Gaga is Set to Perform in House of Gucci Next to many A-listers

The movie House of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott, is set to be out on November 24. The movie talks about Maurizio Gucci, the life of the grandson of the globally famous brand Gucci Gucci. Lady Gaga will portray Patrizia Reggiani, who was the former wife of Maurizio. 

The movie will surely be an epic one as it will cover murder, materialism, and of course, romance. Maurizio’s ex-wife, Patrizia, was found guilty of the murder, where she was arrested and sentenced to over 16 years in prison.

Aside from the “Bad Romance” singer, the movie will also feature Al Pacino, Adam Driver, Jack Huston, and Salma Hayek. 

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