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LA gangster OG Spanky Loco confrims he paid 6ix9ine cancel his show in San Diego and warns him to do the same for show in LA –

OG Spanky Loco is a well known Los Angeles gangster who’s rep is certified as a boss.
OG Spanky Loco recently went on social media warning 6ix9ine that he was not allowed in LA and if he came he will be pressed. 6ix9ine course laughed f OG Spanky, but we just got word from OG Spanky that 6ix9ine canceled his show in San Diego because he was pressed by OG Spanky’s goons there.

OG Spanky just released a video confirming that and warn 6ix9ine to cancel his show in LA or the same thing will happen. Check the video below both OG Spanky and 6ix9ine going back and fourth at each other. Let us know what you think

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6ix9ine replying to OG Spanky warning him to stay out LA

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