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Katie Holmes Finds Winter’s Coolest Styling Trick for Transitional Pieces

Snow-covered streets are picturesque, but the lower the temperatures dip, the harder it is to stay chic. Even the most adept fashion fan can find dressing for sub-zero days difficult, but Katie Holmes seems to have it all figured out. Yesterday in Brooklyn, the star provided a lesson in layering as she stepped out for a coffee run and combined existing pieces from her expansive wardrobe. By now, the Sorel hiker boots Holmes has been wearing since autumn, her trusty black crossbody bag, and beloved wide-leg denim should feel familiar, but the addition of Ulla Johnson’s Frances coat thrown over a puffer elevated the entire look.

An oversized, double-breasted piece in a cheery shade of raspberry, the garment was bound to draw attention. Still, even the best overcoat occasionally needs a little help in the insulation department. A grey down jacket worn beneath added warmth and allowed Holmes to enjoy her fall transition piece well into the winter months. A staple within the star’s repertoire since last January, when she paired it with Ugg boots, it’s proven versatile.

While the idea of layering is far from novel, most people would opt to shield themselves in drab goose down and call it a day—the socially distanced streets of New York are currently filled with all manner of puffers. Walking through Williamsburg in her colorful coat and latte in hand, Holmes stood out in the best possible way.