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Karol G Breaks the Internet With Anuel AA Instagram Post

Karol G posted a series of photos of herself with ex-boyfriend Anuel AA on her Instagram page Monday (November 29) and caused quite a stir.

The photos, which have already racked up more than six million likes, come after the rapper surprised Karol G on stage Sunday night during a concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot for her Bichota tour. This was the first time the two performed together since their breakup in April, although Anuel AA said the couple split up months before. The duo sang “Culpables” and “Secreto” during the show.

“I have no words to describe this moment,” Karol G posted along with the photos. “100 thousand things went through my head of what was before, what we lived and how things have been transformed. They were many years of happiness together and although that stage of our lives ended, loyalty and gratitude are still intact. You are a brilliant person. I will always admire you. THANK YOU for making my last night much more special, [Anuel].”

Anuel AA echoed her message in an Instagram story where he basically said how proud he was of Karol G, the person she’s transformed into, and what she’s accomplished so far.

In the photos, Anuel AA is standing with his arms wrapped around a beaming Karol G who is sitting on a chair inside a dressing room. In one photo, the two are fist-bumping with one hand and have their fingers interlocked with the other.

During the show in Puerto Rico, Karol G told the audience that she and Anuel AA “matured, learned a lot, had a great time, went through a lot of things, but not anymore.” She added: “We haven’t had time to talk but I’ve said it many times in my songs. Thank you for everything we achieved together and for everything we did. I love you.”