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Karol G Announces New Album – Here’s What We Know

Karol G finally updated us on new music! On Jan. 25, La Bichota announced her upcoming fourth album name: Mañana Será Bonito. Though she has yet to confirm an album release date, fans are already anticipating its highly-anticipated release.

“Fiiiiiiiiiiinally!!!! AT LAST !!! Today I announce the project that I have dedicated so much love and time to. I just know that for me and for everyone else MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO [TOMORROW WILL BE BEAUTIFUL],” the Colombian pop star wrote in Spanish on Instagram.

The album’s teaser starts with Karol G eating an empanada in her car in Medellín, Colombia. A small note with the words “If you’re ? [sad] call me,” with a flower on it flies to her car’s windshield. A young boy, reportedly famous in Colombia, answers her call and asks what he could do to help her in what appears to be a help center run by sweet, empowering children. After she says how she found the note, the kid suggests things to make her feel better, such as writing a letter to Santa Claus to ask for charcoal to make a carnita asada, performing at a show, or singing a song like “La Jeepeta.” Before he hangs up, he tells her: “But Miss, the important thing is that tomorrow will be beautiful.”

Fans are beyond excited about the album’s announcement. A Twitter user wrote: “The way Karol G announced her new album is to be admired. Each one of us will support the album as it deserves.” 

Another Twitter user said: “Karol G is to be admired, her new album is titled ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ which refers to the fact that bad situations always pass and for her announcement she made a video with children, with diversity and with a message of hope and joy. What a woman, we love you Bichota.”

The trailer closes with the album’s name in colorful words, with the following text: “Coming Soon…” While we don’t have further details – the Instagram post gave us another hint of what’s to come. Singer-songwriter Carla Morrison commented: “How nice it is to be a part of this with you queen Karoooooool!!!!!!.”

“This definitely represents a specific phase of my life. The name of the album is a phrase I kept repeating to myself when nothing felt great,” Karol told Rolling Stone about the album’s name. “I mean, I was going through the best moment of my career, but personally, I was really disconnected from myself and from my friends. I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t happy either. So every day I’d say to myself, ‘It’s okay, mañana será bonito — tomorrow will be beautiful.’”