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Karen Salicath Jamali angel zadkiel

Karen Salicath Jamali Unveils “Angel Zadkiel”

Karen Salicath Jamali isn’t one to follow a conventional path. This multi-talented artist, weaving between music and visual arts, unveils her latest creation, “Angel Zadkiel (The Angel of Surrender),” a song that transcends the boundaries of typical pop music.

Imagine a melody whispered in a dream. “Angel Zadkiel” isn’t meticulously crafted; it’s a channeled message, a soliloquy from the subconscious translated onto the piano. This unique process, born from a transformative near-death experience, imbues Karen‘s work with a raw authenticity. It’s music stripped bare, an essence unveiled directly from the depths of her dreams.

Forget catchy lyrics and driving beats. “Angel Zadkiel” is a solo piano piece, an introspective dive into the quiet contemplation inspired by the Angel of Surrender. Delicate melodies and evocative harmonies replace the traditional bombast of angelic choirs, creating a soundscape of serenity and acceptance.

This tranquility isn’t accidental. Karen‘s background as a sculptor spills over into her music, each note a brushstroke, building a world of peace. The sculptures become sonic landscapes, their focus on balance mirrored in the music. Angels, a recurring theme in her art, find their voice here, and their presence has a calming energy that goes beyond the physical realm.

“Angel Zadkiel” serves as the opening act for Karen’s upcoming album, Angel Pollination. It’s the first stroke on a canvas exploring themes of innocence, divinity, and the inner spirit. The song awakens the listener, inviting them on a journey inward—a chance to delve into the quiet whispers of their own hearts.

Karen Salicath Jamali’s artistic journey is a vibrant tapestry woven from music and the visual arts. While music takes center stage now, her sculptures and paintings remain a foundation and a source of balance in her endlessly creative life. Performing solo at Carnegie Hall solidified her belief in the universality of her music, a belief that fuels her artistic fire.

Looking ahead, Karen envisions “Angel Zadkiel” as a potential launchpad for collaboration. The song’s serenity might blossom into a richer soundscape, incorporating choirs and additional instruments. This openness to evolution reflects the very core of Karen’s artistry—a constant dialogue between dreams, music, and the divine.

“Angel Zadkiel” isn’t just a calming melody; it’s an invitation. It beckons the listener to quiet the mind, embrace vulnerability, and embark on a personal odyssey, guided by the music’s gentle hand. Karen Salicath Jamali is a true artist, a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, and “Angel Zadkiel” stands as a powerful testament to the magic that unfolds at this intersection.

Stream “Angel Zadkiel” below: