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Kanye West Was Planning On Calling ‘Yeezus’ Album ‘Thank God For Drugs’?

For the past few years Kanye West’s been on a rather strange journey of the soul which has led to him calling slavery a “choice,” strangely throwing his , and finally dedicating himself to .

While most of his fans continue to pine for the days of Kanye West, it seems like Kanye’s path to Christ started a hot minute ago as former DONDA art director Joe Perez took to IG to reveal that before Kanye dubbed his 2013 project, Yeezus, he was originally planning on naming the album Thank God For Drugs. Still borderline blasphemous, but an interesting title nonetheless.

As you can see the original concept art for the CD covers (remember CDs?) was basically that of the final Yeezus product that dropped that June in 2013.

Perez also disclosed that the Yeezus tour also had a different name as it was going to be called the Till Death Do Us Part tour and showed the artwork they had in the chamber for that potential show.

Well, we guess you can expect his albums from here on forward to continue to big up the Lord in some way, shape or form. Still, he’s referred to himself as bipolar so who knows what the future holds for Yeezy down the line. Even Mother Teresa had her moments where she doubted God, so who knows how Kanye would react to a moment of crisis of faith. Might go on to drop a fire Hip-Hop album or something.

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