…and more fashion news you missed

After months of convoluted Instagram posts complaining about his partnership with GAP – and something about refusing to speak to people who are more broke than he is – Kanye West has officially terminated his contract with the American mall brand. The whole thing was instigated because GAP was refusing to release product drops or open Yeezy outlets as planned. From this point henceforth, no further collaborations will be created, but GAP will continue to sell the remainder of its Yeezy stock. RIP to a real one! You made the perfect hoodie. To fill the void left by swamping t-shirts and alienoid sunglasses, however, is a private school called the Donda academy. 

Dressed in Yeezy GAP uniforms, the mission of the Christian prep school is to “prepare students to become the next generation of leaders” through “an ethic of integrity and care.” Families are forced to sign NDAs and kids are forced to partake in Parkour classes, and the whole thing is part of a five-year plan to have several campuses across the country, and a Donda university. Shrouded in mystery, the school is not yet accredited, and costs $15,000 per year to attend, but kids will chow down on “elevated high-concept coffee, tea and fruit,” like “distilled chicory coffee shaved ice with milk syrup. As of yet, Kim Kardashian has decided not to send her brood to the Kanye school. For everything else that may have passed you by, click through the gallery below.