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Just A Lil Bit: 50 Cent Has Released A ‘Power’ Hand Sanitizer

Say what you want about but you can’t deny he knows how to get to the bag. The rapper is now coming out with a disinfectant soap.

As reported by Cassius Life 50 Cent is extending his brand into a product that continues to be in high demand due to the current pandemic. On Sunday, June 7 the rapper released a video trailer announcing a new sanitizing spray. The brief clip shows pulling up to his home. He lets everyone know that the security clearance to enter is next level and proceeds to spray down his shoes and hands to ensure he is germ free.

He followed up the video with another post with more details on the new release. “Stay Safe, New POWER hand sanitizers available now. The cure for corona virus is not police brutality or racism. ??‍♂️everybody just went out side. ?” he wrote.

According to the G-Unit Brands website this spray kills 99.9% of germs, is unscented and contains moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. You can pre-order the Power Hand Sanitizer here.