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Julio César Chávez Jr. Arrested For Illegal Weapons Possession — Here’s What We Know

Julio César Chávez Jr. was allegedly arrested for illegal possession of an assault rifle this weekend in LA, according to TMZ. The arrest came after a fan called the police on the former boxer, fearing Chávez Jr. might pose a danger to himself or others. He let them enter his house where they found the gun, arrested him, and then booked him.

The former boxer, who has struggled with substance abuse issues for years, has recently been very open with fans online – particularly on TikTok. He has taken to uploading sometimes rambling and combative videos to the platform, often with no point. Chávez Jr. had previously indicated he might get back into the ring in January or February 2024, but no announcement has yet been made.

Chávez Jr.’s last fight was on December 2021, when he beat David Zegarra. He has a career 53-6-1 record.

In early January 2024, Chávez Jr. caused waves when he accused his father, Julio César Chávez Sr., one of the most famous Mexican boxers in history, of abuse. The accusations ranged from physical abuse against his mother Amalia Carrasco, to claims that his father had him “confined against his will in a treatment center” and “kept him kidnapped for three years.”

The former boxer went as far as to suggest his father was trying to kill him and asked for him to be thrown in jail.

A few days after these declarations, Chávez Jr. himself was taken into custody for being in possession of the illegal rifle, which law enforcement officials referred to as an untraceable “ghost gun.”

Julio César Chávez Sr. released a statement confirming his son’s arrest and stating they are “working with his lawyers” and that he hopes this is the moment that pushes his son towards “a useful and happy life.”