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Joyce Santana Taps Villano Antillano & More for LGBTQ-Dedicated “Besties” Remix

On Sept. 1, Joyce Santana dropped the “Besties” remix and music video, bringing back Young Miko and adding emerging Puerto Rican rappers Villano Antillano, YOVNGCHIMI, and Luar La L. The original track was released back in March.

“The Besties remix is the most real thing I have heard in so long; it puts in the hands of two women the sexualization of their respective identities and observes something undeniable in the history of music… it punctuates a revolution that today has many people in hysteria,” Villano wrote about the remix on Twitter.



She also praised Santana, who she calls one of the most important Puerto Rican artists of today and an artist who she respects and admires. Moreover, she thanks him for being an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, and expresses how much that means to her.

Directed by Armando Rivera, the music video follows the five rappers as they enjoy Puerto Rico’s underground club scene. It starts with Young Miko rapping her verse in a Tesla on her way to meet up with the others. Other scenes feature steamy PDA – one of them including Villano in a private room with a girl.

“This is dedicated to all minorities. To my black brothers and sisters who have always been marginalized and who I will represent until my last day as that is what I came here for,” Joyce wrote about the new track. 

He continued: “To my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQIA community who day in and day out have to live and go through more than those who point fingers at them for nothing and a mi gente de barrio who have always had to resort to whatever it takes to survive in this society that is controlled by those who have $ and padrino, but those are sometimes the real poor people.”

Watch the new music video for the “Besties” remix below.