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Josh Teed Delivers Dynamic New Single “Just Breathe,” Announces US Tour

Not all electronic music fits into just one genre. Josh Teed embraces this ideal, creating music unlike anything we’ve heard before, and defying any and every boundary that was ever set for him. Teed’s new single, “Just Breathe,” kicks off his upcoming EP release, as the growing artist gears up to embark on a four-month-long US tour.

Josh’s background as a violinist shines on “Just Breathe,” through carefully chosen chord progressions and a clear, innate awareness of the track’s melodic journey. Vocalists Chuuwee and Blūm both add a unique twist to the track with a variety of hooks, and rhythmic cadences. “Just Breathe” departs from traditional electronic stereotypes, as Teed plays with out-of-the-ordinary production and even mixing choices.

Josh shared his thoughts on the track, commenting:

Just Breathe’ was one of my favorite tracks to work on from this upcoming EP. The combination of Chuuwee’s lyrical skills and Logan’s (Blūm) beautiful voice really make for a unique, soulful vibe in this tune. This EP was about stepping out of my normal wheelhouse, and this track is the one that puts that approach on full display.

You can stream “Just Breathe” at the link below, out everywhere via The Gradient Perspective, and get tickets to Josh’s tour here. Enjoy!

Josh Teed – Just Breathe (ft. Chuuwee & Blūm)

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