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Dazed HQ is hosting a private screening on Thursday December 9 of the director’s cut of The Wave, a four-part film journey through Black culture and its many intersections by Nike x Patta, directed by Mahaneela and produced by Steve McQueen.

Building on the chapters already released, the extended director’s cut connects the previous films in the series, adding new and unseen elements to celebrate the release of the Air Max 1 Wave – the latest shoe from long-time collaborators Nike and Patta – inspired by the authentic connection between the Amsterdam-based brand and the Air Max community.

Chapter one – featuring cameos from Lil Simz, Skepta, and tailoring luminary Ozwald Boateng – follows Abdul, an amateur photographer with a humdrum day job, eager to live out his dreams and be part of the next wave of culture. Chapter two, starring Tirino Yspol, Martine Rose, Actress, and more, introduces his older sister Carista, as she embarks on a musical journey that opens her up to meeting unexpected people along the way. The third chapter, featuring Mo Farah, Britain’s most successful track athlete, picks back up with Abdul as he experiences the connection between sport and mental health, finding joy within his community through the power of running.

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“These images haven’t often been seen,” McQueen previously told Dazed of the project. “You often see criminality, or overtly masculine sportsmen or women. These people are just trying to make their way through the environment they find themselves in, and trying to create space for themselves. I’m really proud of it in this particular venture. It was wonderful. They see themselves.”​

Led by rapper AZ, the live panel event will dig deeper into the process of bringing this unique film project to life, hearing first-hand, from some of the talented minds involved, what it meant to them, how they found the experience, what they learnt from it, and how each film reflected and resonated with them personally.

Taking part in the Q&A will be producer Bona Orakwue, lead protagonist Abdul Sessay, composer Steven Julien, and director Mahaneela.

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