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Jess Hilarious Calls Out Cancel Culture For Celebrities Speaking Against Protests, Black Twitter Drags Her By D-List Level Wig

has once again landed in the hot seat once again, this time the problematic comedian is being dragged after attempting to call out the cancel culture—a decision that didn’t prove to be a good one.

On Saturday (Jun 6), Jess Hilarious took to Instagram with a passionate post, calling out the cancel culture for being too quick to cancel out celebrities without understanding their individuals.

”I see that Tee Grizzly and Queen Naija have a song together that they created for Black Lives Matter”, Jess said. “But when you look in the comments, all see is comments about ‘ain’t she a colorists’ and negativity like that, but who cares? I thought the point was to support the movement?!”

Although initially Jess’s points could somewhat seem valid, the understanding was short lived after the Baltimore-bred comedian decided to expound on her thoughts claiming that Black Twitter is going to end up canceling everyone with a platform, a remark that quickly got her gathered by Twitter.

”Ya’ll talking about we want Lauryn Hill, we will be waiting until next year my n*gga like ya’ll need to take what we give you,” Jess said. “Ya’ll don’t have a f*cking platform, but y’all trying to cancel everyone with one.”

While many on Twitter pondered on her relevancy, others pointed out that her own problematic behavior with the and people of color after she was on the cancel block in k passengers who were boarding a flight that she claimed “made her uncomfortable”, before calling them terorists.

“If I’m scared, I’m scared,” Jess said at the time, following criticism. “Fuck y’all. Fuck how y’all feel. Y’all mad at me because I don’t side with every other black person. Because I don’t side with every other race—fuck y’all. I feel how I feel, I felt threatened, and that was it. And I’m not flying there. We were evacuated, bitch! Why? Why, with no reason explained at all, no technical difficulties or nothing. Y’all gon’ listen to Jess with the mess one day, because my news is real.”

While the general consensus was to cancel, it was few fans who ultimately agreed with Jess’s rant, calling out Black Twitter for being quick to cancel Black celebrities but not companies and their white counterparts.

Check out Jess Hilarious’s rant and Twitter’s response below.