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Ja Rule Is Peeved At ESPN For Joking About Botched Halftime Show

has had enough of being the public’s punching bag and the veteran rapper is pushing back. After ESPN made a tweet joke at Ja’s expense, the Queens star went on a Twitter rant asking for the firing of the sports network’s social media manager.

ESPN’s Twitter account posted a video of a from Ja Rule that didn’t go exactly as he hoped after his microphone apparently went out. While asking the crowd if they were ready, it appeared the audio issues inside the building prevented the even exchange of energy.

Taking to Twitter to fire back, Ja Rule blasted ESPN, calling the jab unprofessional.

“Be more professional @espn and tell your little social team to have some RESPECT we speaking on an ICONN… #ICONN,” Ja tweeted.

He added, “So let me get this straight @espn your letting your social team that represents your brand and social accounts with over 16 million follows try and clown me over what was clearly a technical issue with the equipment and for what likes??? @espn clout chasing now lmao… #ICONN.”

Ja then shared a tweet of a TMZ video with Bucks superstar Giannis Anteneopkoumpo defending the moment.

“Very disappointed to see how UNPROFESSIONAL and DISRESPECTFUL @espn is allowing their social team to be if your not holding them accountable that means you’re complicit with oblivious slander and defamation to your 35 million plus audience… Duly noted… #ICONN,” read the caption of the video tweet.

Ja continued to hammer ESPN, mentioning to the network that he’s the owner of a women’s professional basketball team for the WFLA, a league he says is owned by women of color, suggesting it’d make a better story.

ESPN has not responded.

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