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J Balvin’s Mother Says ‘Perra’ Music Video Isn’t From the “Josésito That I Know”

Reggaeton superstar J Balvin has made all kinds of people angry for the “Perra” music video he and fellow rapper Tokischa released last month that features Black women portrayed as dogs, but now the Colombian artist has upset someone close to him.

On Thursday (October 21), Balvin’s mother, Alba Mery Balvin, told a Colombian news station that she had scolded her son for a song that many people are calling racist and sexist.

“When I found out [about “Perra”], I called him … [and asked], “Where is the Josésito that I know?” Mama Balvin told Cosmovisión. “That song is not … I don’t even know what to say. I did not see my José anywhere.”

In the video, Balvin is shown walking Black women around on leashes. The women are also wearing dog ears. The same day as Mama Balvin made her comments, Balvin was also scolded by Mexican entertainer Lyn May, who called on women everywhere to “stand up” and referred to Balvin as a “cabron.”

“I’m not your bitch, I’m a wolf,” May said. “I am going to defend women, cabron.” Along with his mother and May, Balvin has also been criticized for the video by Gheidy Gallo Santos, Presidential Counselor for Women’s Equity, and Marta Lucía Ramírez, the Vice-President of Colombia. The controversy spurred YouTube to remove the video this past weekend. No reason for the decision was given. The audio for “Perra” is still available.

Balvin and Tokischa have not made an official statement about the controversy. Who knows if either of them will, but maybe Balvin is just happy no one is calling him a hot dog vendor anymore.