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J. Balvin Teams Up With Maria Becerra To Drop A Cutting Edge Project Titled “Que Mas Pues?”

Both artists play exceptionally catchy pieces with confidence and charisma. The project was dropped next to a music video, where we get to see Balvin and Maria in red outfits, followed by a black one. They grace viewers with several shots including, a few birds-eye views and close-up shots. The music video also featured a few professional dancers where they further pushed the project. 

The music video was released on May 28, and in less than three days, it has crossed 10 million views on YouTube. 

J. Balvin needs no introduction, as the artist has been going all the way up during the last few days. While the young star, Maria, is a 21-year-old from Argentina. She kick-started her career around a decade ago through Facebook. 

Check out the track below:

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