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J Balvin & Christian Nodal Are Going At It – Here’s The Rundown

Christian Nodal and J Balvin are no strangers to headlines. The latest? Well, in a major turn of events, the two artists appear to be beefing with each other over a social media interaction based on… similar hairstyles. Yes, you read that right.


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“Find the differences,” the Colombian pop singer wrote on an Instagram post yesterday (June 1). If you don’t follow Nodal’s social media, you may have missed his new look – from new tattoos to a fresh hairdo. And with this new look came social commentary. Apparently, Nodal’s new blonde and multi-colored hair quickly reminded some of Balvin’s hairstyle. Well, it appears that Balvin caught wind of this comparison and opened the conversation by “comparing” the two artists’ looks on social media. 

In response, Nodal posted a screenshot of Balvin’s post on his Instagram stories answering the “In Da Getto” singer’s question in Spanish, pointing to the differences: “That I do have talent, carnal, and that I can proudly sing my compositions wherever, however, whenever with pride.” He then continued with: “[And] that you chose your photo and mine was uploaded by the press.”


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And it didn’t stop there. Balvin then uploaded an Instagram story with a face filter reading “Belinda” across his face. In the video, the Colombian singer references Nodal’s ex-girlfriend Belinda multiple times. He even captions the video, “without any bad intention, but the photo looks ve-linda.” In a post right after, Balvin claims that he was “joking” and that “this was just for fun,” possibly referencing the infamous Residente diss track’s chorus.

Well, whether it was all humor or not, the “Botella Tras Botella” singer’s next Instagram story showed him actually mouthing the words to “esto lo hago pa’ divertirme.” He then posted “sorry I also woke up joking around.”

Nodal took the gloves off and went after Balvin’s recent mental health endeavors, even going as far as saying that he didn’t take his pills that morning. “There is nothing coherent about this cabron having a documentary talking about peace, mental health, vibes, and energies, but in his account that has millions of followers, he uploaded a photo for them to make fun of me,” Nodal explained in a follow-up post. “When clearly – and everyone knows it – I’m getting up from a very ugly situation that I lived.” He then goes on saying that he’s not good at talking, so that he will record a song about it. He also mentions that Balvin “hasn’t learned” from the Residente diss track and that cowboy boots “hurt so much more” when receiving a kick in the butt.  

And if that wasn’t enough, Residente also joined the social media dilemma by posting his [R] logo hat with a Nodal song playing in the background

So, when can we expect this new diss track? In the latest post by Nodal, he says today (June 2) at 12 p.m. pacific time. We’ll keep an eye out for it!