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Is Peso Pluma Joining Becky G at Coachella?

Coachella is almost here! With the highly-anticipated three-day festival around the corner, music fans are already speculating who might make a special appearance during this year’s Latine sets. One of the buzziest rumors: Peso Pluma being part of Becky G’s guests during her upcoming Coachella performances (Apr. 14 and 21) in Indio, CA.

The rumor started when Peso said during an interview, “We are doing something with Becky G. We were invited to a very special event that we hope to go to in April.” Though the rumor isn’t confirmed, many social media users think he meant Coachella.

But that’s not all! Remezcla was at his debut U.S. performance last Sat. (Apr. 8) in Ontario, CA, where he performed their newly-released joint track “Chanel” for the first time. He took this moment to drop yet another presumed clue. He shouted out Becky, who was sitting in the audience, before he sang the collab song by himself. He then told the audience: “Today we won’t be able to sing it together, but soon you will see us singing it somewhere together.” After the solo performance, he said we would soon hear it in a space “pasada de v*rga” and that people will “shit themselves.”

Could it be that “Chanel” will be part of Becky’s upcoming Coachella setlist? Social media users are anticipating the desired moment. A Twitter user wrote, “Becky g is gonna bring out peso pluma at Coachella! I already know.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Rumors has it that Becky g’s guest for Coachella will be peso pluma ??.”

Whether or not Peso will join Becky on stage, what’s clear is that both artists are embracing the hype from their new collaboration. During Peso’s same debut performance, Becky was seen singing the aforementioned corrido tumbado from the crowd. Hopefully, we will get to see both singers sing the track together for the first time ever—even if it’s through a livestream.