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Is Karol G Dating Feid? Here’s What We Know

We can’t keep our eyes off of Colombian reggaeton pop artist Karol G: between her sold-out tour dates, her constant positive affirmations, and her hits, we are always wondering what she’s going to do next. And because we can’t help but to love some chisme, that includes who she’s dating. After an overly public breakup and multiple songs of powering through that particular heartbreak, could it be that she’s finally dating again?

Rumors of La Bichota’s dating life are circulating, this time pinpointing her new potential partner as Colombian singer and producer Feid (also known as FERXXO). We know Feid has not only worked recently with Karol G on “FRIKI,” but he also opened for her recent Bichota tour – but is it possible that this all led to more than just mutual respect and love for each other as colleagues?

On the “Friki” music video, we see the two Medellín-born artists perreando, enjoying themselves, but what we initially thought was just for the camera is now being overanalyzed as something more. Now, according to journalist Tanya Charry of Univision’s entertainment (and chisme) show El Gordo y la Flaca, the two have been seeing each other for approximately five months already. Going off that timeline, the Bichota tour started last Oct. and “Friki” was released in Dec., so this could potentially pan out on how the two got close.

While we enjoy Karol G’s breakup songs “MAMIII” and “Tusa,” as well as her female-empowering, YHLQMDLG-type of hits like “SEJODIOTO” and “BICHOTA,” we do miss her more romantic side that she showed while she was in love, like “Ay, Dios Mío!

Karol G has yet to clarify these rumors. Because that’s what they are so far, just rumors on the chisme-mill. But judging by their “FRIKI” chemistry, we wouldn’t be mad if it were true!