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Is Bad Bunny Premiering New Music at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards?

Bad Bunny is clearing up the air. Despite rumors of him premiering new music at the upcoming Billboard Latin Music Awards (Oct. 5), the Puerto Rican icon reassured his fans that he won’t perform any previously unreleased tracks on stage.

On Oct. 4, the “UN PREVIEW” singer denied rumors of him saying he will premiere new music at the highly-anticipated award show. “Meraaa, I don’t know who the f*ck said I was going to premiere something at the awards…. 🤦🏻‍♂️,” he wrote on his WhatsApp channel. 

“When are [you] going to learn once and for all that everything they see out there about me that I have not said is NOT TRUE!” he wrote in the channel. “I’m going to do a special performance, of course, [and] the new songs that have already been released, obviously. See you tomorrow.”

But where are these rumors he’s referring to stem from? Billboard described his upcoming performance as a “worldwide TV premiere,” which could’ve been interpreted as a new song premiere rather than the first time the singer will perform a particular song on television. Another reason could be due to the new Spotify billboards that popped up last night (Oct. 3) in places like New York City, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. The digital billboards read, “Nobody knows if it will happen this year or next year” and included the hashtag “#NADIESABE.” Though Benito has yet to acknowledge being part of it, his fans assume that it has to do with new music.

Regardless of the misconceptions, social media users are excited for what’s to come. Although he hasn’t revealed any further hints on what he’s performing, it’s worth noting that he has yet to perform his newest two releases, “WHERE SHE GOES” and “UN PREVIEW.”

The 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards will air live via Telemundo tomorrow (Oct. 5). The ceremony will also be streamed on Universo, Peacock, and Telemundo App.