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Is Bad Bunny Dropping a New Music Video Before the Year Ends?

It seems like Bad Bunny’s 2023 isn’t over yet. On Dec. 19, videos of the superstar recording what many assumed was a music video in Ciales, Puerto Rico, started circulating online. Now, social media users are curious to know what’s next for the Puerto Rican icon.

Filmed by bystanders, the social media videos showed Bad Bunny riding horses with his crew in the middle of a street. They notably continued the Western theme from his latest album, nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana. Although it’s unconfirmed, people are speculating there’s a new music video in the works due to the cameras involved. The “PERRO NEGRO” singer is seen wearing a straw cowboy hat paired with a plaid brown and white short sleeve shirt. 

Fans are commenting on what they’d like to see next from the Puerto Rican’s mastermind. An X user wrote: “I know the video is going to come out however he wants but for Bad Bunny to release the video for ‘No me quiero casar’ after dumping Kendall, it’s like celebrating his bachelorhood and saying hello again to la puteria 😂.” 

Other social media users wonder if it’s a new music video or a tour announcement. A social media user wrote: “Bad Bunny was spotted filming a music video in Puerto Rico. New music video or Choliseo/tour announcement?”

Or could he just be in town to make an appearance for his annual gift-giving Good Bunny’s Bonita Tradición event set to take place on Friday (Dec. 23)? 

Though what’s coming is up in the air, what’s true is that there are a couple of holidays coming up. And based on Benito’s track record of releasing special surprises for his fans during holidays, could it be that he will release a new music video during Christmas or New Year festivities? We’ll keep an eye out and see!