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INZO’s Very Real New Bass Track Isn’t ‘Just A Mirage’

If you are looking for a beautifully produced bass track that isn’t just in-your-face dubstep, look no further than the absolute banger “Just A Mirage” from INZO. The Denver producer is known for his unique bass production, and he does not miss on this one.

“Just A Mirage” has an epic minute-long buildup that sucks you in before exploding with a low key yet still powerful bass soundscape. This track is also a single off of his upcoming EP VISIONQUEST, which is sure to be incredible from this tease.

INZO will be embarking on an accompanying VISIONQUEST tour starting this month. You can check out the full list of tour dates here. In the meantime, stream Just A Mirage below and enjoy!

INZO – Just A Mirage

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo
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