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Indie Artist Ivorde Is Ok. Blends Punk, Industrial, And Folk On Debut Album Beautiful life I live.

Houston, Texas-based Indie artist Ivorde Is Ok. has just released his debut collection of tracks titled Beautiful life I live., a sonic exploration that well represents the vision of this new generation of artists in 2020. Experimenting with multiple and far apart sonorities to create a truly unique soundtrack, this 10-song record is by far one of the most daring and creative bodies of work we have heard in a long while, thanks to the total freedom and brutal honesty of its creator. Punk, industrial, and folk, are merged into one coherent artistic experience, and share the emotional struggle of an eighteen year old who tries to find meaning and hope in his life. The sophisticated distortions and “high quality-low quality” contrasts throughout the tracklist bring a major element of surprise and constant change, so the listener never feels like he or she expects what is coming next in any given song.