Because why the hell not?

Once upon a time a footwear reserved for the elderly doing gardening, the Croc has been through a multitude of iterations and reimaginings; Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, and KFC collabs, plus even a thigh high version (a contender for the worst thing we’ve ever seen).

Our appetite for the resin shoe du jour shows no sign of slowing down, with sales flying throughout 2021. Croc profits have skyrocketed, with sales increasing 64 per cent to $460 million in the first three months of the year, largely spurred on by its ever-growing array of customisable charms, or Jibbitz.

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Now, finally, our prayers have been answered: you can add speed to your clogs with a range of sports car-style spoilers, turbo charms, and even a flaming exhaust pipe (which could helpfully double up as a lighter, making you a hero of the smoking area).

A 3D printing company has released a range of downloadable mods for Crocs including clip-on rear spoilers that attach to the heel strap. “It is great for street racing or professional racing,” the creator has written.

Don’t have a 3D printer and/or hot glue? Head over to Etsy where you can purchase the accessories ready-made and enter race mode.