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Rosalía’s highly-anticipated album, MOTOMAMI, was finally released and it’s an avant-garde spectacle that requires more than one listen to truly grasp what’s going on in her mind. To help her fans understand how some song’s on her album came to be, she got on TikTok Live with the iconic Pharrell Williams — one of the producers credited across multiple songs on the album. 

During their conversation, the 28-year-old singer revealed to Williams what some of the lyrics on “HENTAI” translated to, and he realized that he didn’t know what they meant until that moment and was shocked at the explicit lyrics. The lyrics of the chorus are: “I want to ride you like I ride my bike/Make me a tape, Spike mode/ I whipped it till it got stiff/Second is fucking you, the first is God,” she translates for Williams in front of 47,000 people watching the Live.

Stunned for a second, Williams laughs at himself for not realizing what the second half of the lyrics in the chorus meant. When Rosalía asked him if he really didn’t know what the translation to the lyrics was, he responded by saying, “I didn’t get that part. I would have remembered that.”

When Rosalía first teased the song on TikTok, her followers were just as stunned as Williams after hearing the lyrics in the teaser. “I love her voice but what’s up with the song…,” one person asked in the comments section. “If I didn’t know Spanish, I would love this song lol,” someone else said.

The avant-garde lyricist’s album was released to commercial praise from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Variety, just to name a few. People are excited to see what the Catalonian-born singer will be doing next after performing two songs on Saturday Night Live entirely in Spanish, becoming the first woman to do so.